NICS Firearm Background Checks for February are out

Our friends of the FBI inform us we had 2,333,193 background checks, the second best February since the whole silly thing got started.

From November 1998 to February 2018 (Almost 20 years), a total of 282,816,103 firearm background checks have been performed in the US.

14,140,805 per year.

38,741 per day.

1,614 per hour.

27 per minute.

Almost 1 every two seconds…. for 20 years.

The dream of banning guns in the US is just that: a dream, and a silly one at that.




One Reply to “NICS Firearm Background Checks for February are out”

  1. I did my part! 🙂 What’s interesting to me is how people have been using the “350 million” figure for the rough estimate of guns in the U.S., when it has to be well over 500 million at this point. I can’t wait until liberals ban guns and *poof* all of them disappear. That’s how it works, right?

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