The untold truth of this article

Honestly, I could care less about the grammar error on Emma Watson’s arm.

What this story reveals is just how much Hollywood are into narcissistic virtue signaling.

Out there in Hollywood right now are makeup artists and film editors, the working men and women of the film industry, who make in a year what Emma Watson makes in a day, just cursing at the amount of additional work Ms Watson has just made for them in order to be woke on the Red Carpet.

Of course Ms Watson doesn’t care that for the rest of her acting career people who aren’t famous will spend long hours trying to remove that stupid tattoo from every scene.  She needed a night of accolades in a year she wasn’t nominated for anything.

That’s Hollywood for you.

13 Replies to “The untold truth of this article”

  1. Mz. Watson is right about to hit the expiry date on her career, and needs something to keep her in the news.
    Won’t help, as she’s not the fresh young thing for the Weinsteins of the world to cajole onto the casting couch anymore.

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