Floridians: What kind of email response are you getting?

I am not getting any replies, automated or otherwise.  Somebody just told me they got 4 acceptances and 49 reject auto responses from FL reps and I was amazed to know he had responses at all.

How about you? Let me know, we may need to alert certain people.

10 Replies to “Floridians: What kind of email response are you getting?”

  1. I got two responses from my mail to all the senators. They said something to the effect of “thank you for your email, but there is too much mail to answer individually now” Neither of them was my senator.

    I’ve emailed my own senator four or five times and never gotten a response. I’ve only mailed my representative a couple of times but likewise have never gotten a response.

  2. I’ve gotten one automated response and a bounce yesterday from my FL house rep, I also got a auto response from one of the Senate accounts every time I sent an email.

    I just got an auto reply from my FL house rep and up to seven plus from the other FL house reps in the list, only six bounced so far.

  3. My Rep has sent out 4 broadcast emails to constituents. NONE have been specific to me or in direct answer to my emails to him. My Senator has been totally silent.

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