Oh Dear God, it is now the turn of the Florida House. (Being Updated Regularly.)

Welcome to HB 7101 and the House Democrats started to pile the stupid:

– A person may not transfer, sell, keep for sale, or offer for sale, or display in public, a large capacity magazine. (We must not scare the snowflakes)
-Assault Weapons Ban Dianne Feinstein-Style.
-Universal Background Checks.
-New Prohibited Class: Convicted of Misdemeanor “Hate Crime.” Kinda funny because I could not find Hate Crime codified in the Florida Statutes.
-Tax on guns and ammunition. But get this: “Revenue generated and collected under the tax imposed by this section shall be used to provide a grant of $500 to each teacher who qualifies for the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program but declines to participate in the program.” Huh? (This amendment was brought to you by Rep Evan Jenner. If the name sound familiar, you are right. It is his son.)
-Banning hollow point ammunition. Rep. Jenne again. You must surrender your existing cache by October 2018. The usual LEO and Military exceptions apply.
-Risk Protection Order again. We are moving to a California-Kamala-Harris-Style protection. You just need somebody that alleges “that the respondent poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself or herself or others by having a firearm
-Large-capacity magazine parts. If you have a follower or a floor plate that can be used in a High Cap mag, you will be considered a bad boy or girl.
-Liberals hate Mandatory Sentences, except if you discharge an Evil Back Rifle during the commission of ANY felony, you get an automatic 25 years in prison.

I am sure we all have more idiotic amendments from the House Democrats during the day.  I’ll update accordingly.


-State Mandated Gun Store Design (Welcome to the monkey cage. Seriously, fully caged like a WWE Match)
-16 Hours of extra training for CWP.
-No Large-capacity magazines, no grandfathering.
-No Large-capacity magazines, no grandfathering and with a 2 year sunset proviso. (Don’t ask me.)
-Stolen Firearm Police Report mandatory.
-1 million US dollars to give to the city of Orlando to make a memorial for Pulse shooting. ??????
-Florida’s version of ATF Form 4473 for State Firearm Registration.
-Mix and Match of No Guns Under 21 with Universal Background checks.


-Individuals cannot manufacture a firearm. (How did I miss this one? No 80% receivers, NO AK build Clubs)
-Two year ban on AR-15. (Sweetening the pot for reluctant GOP who think they will be in charge in two years)


3 Replies to “Oh Dear God, it is now the turn of the Florida House. (Being Updated Regularly.)”

  1. Ban hollow point… I guess that means they don’t want us to own “military style rifles” but they insist on us using “military style ammunition” (FMJ). Consistency is for peons…

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