Shannon Watts is getting worse – update

Intersectionality is poison.  It is an intellectual cancer that metastasizes across ideas and destroys them.  Once intersectionlality takes root in a brain, the death of rational though is inevitable.

Shannon Watts has a terminal case of intersectionality.

Bethany Mandel is a conservative, Jewish writer with Forward and The Federalist.

She wrote an OpEd in the New York Times I wanted to be a good mom.  So I got a gun.  

She was targeted, threatened, and doxed by the Alt Right for being anti-Trump, with her address published on The Daily Stormer.  So she bought a gun.

I’ve read some of her writings, and while I don’t agree with everything she says (do any two people agree on everything?) this I was on board with.  She felt her life was in danger because of stuff she published online and wanted to protect herself with a firearm.  Good job.

Enter Shannon Watts.

A Jewish woman is threatened by neo-Nazis and Shannon thinks that’s paranoia.  She is more upset about the New York Times use of Getty Images than a conservative being doxed.

When a mind is being destroyed by the cancer of intersectionality, everything is about race.  So Shannon Watts then doubled down.

A Jewish woman is threatened by neo-Nazis and according to Shannon Watts, her desire to protect herself is white privilege.

Update: I missed a comment Shannon Watts made. She keeps doubling down on “thinking a gun makes you safe is white privilege” insanity.

I’m pretty sure that the neo-Nazis over at The Daily Stormer don’t think Bethany Mandel is white.  I wonder how that factors into Shannon Watts’ analysis.

I guess if Bethany Mandel wants to be more “woke” and less privileged, she should just let herself be hurt or possibly killed by some neo-Nazis and leave her three kids without a mom.  Then she’ll be the victim of a hate crime and there is nothing more “woke” than that.

I can’t speak for Bethany Mandel, but if being attacked by neo-Nazis while defenseless is what it takes to not be privileged, than I am going to embrace my white privilege’s Houge grips and defend myself.

I’m not going to leave my kids fatherless to impress Shannon Watts with how “woke” I am.

5 Replies to “Shannon Watts is getting worse – update”

  1. “I’m not going to leave my kids fatherless to impress Shannon Watts with how ‘woke’ I am.”

    Come now, you know that *you* can’t impress Shannon Watts, because you only have value to her as someone to oppose and despise. You can get negative points in her book, but you can’t get higher than zero with her.

    I strongly believe that half of her argument here is intended to bolster her SJW bona fides for when she runs for office. However, one could twist this whole thing into her pooh-poohing the threat posed by white supremacist organizations — that would not look good for her.

  2. Shannon will not be there to act as my bodyguard so she has zero say in my concealed carry.

    Leftist have zero moral authority.

  3. So school shooters and some politicians both want the public disarmed? Whats missing here? Maybe the ability the think beyond the second or third factor? Even my 8 year old knows…”If you outlaw guns, then only the bad guys will have them” & “then they will come and hurt the good guys”…Her words not mine. (& shes not white)…jus say’n

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