The gun debate is an age old fight

The media’s consensus about Dana Loesch’s videos on NRA TV is that they are ‘threatening.’  She has been called a “hitman” for speaking in front of a camera.

Of course, these same people see a billboard vandalized to say “Kill the NRA” and say it is nothing more than a “call to action” and not an actual threat.

A writer with The Guardian gave her take on gun owners.

I suppose what really baffles me is that I can’t think of a single reason why a civilian needs to own a military-grade weapon, apart from being a monstrous arsehole. 

This is not terribly different than Slate’s take which is that gun owners are scared and weak and want guns to soothe their feelings of inadequacy.

A group called Mad Dog PAC put up a billboard calling NRA a terrorist organization, because that still isn’t played out.

We hear all the time that “you don’t need an AR-15 to hunt deer.

During his terrible Oscar performance, the rapper Common said the “NRA is in God’s way.

For the last three weeks we’ve been hearing from a handful of select Parkland students how NRA donations are blood money and the NRA is evil.

It is a non stop barrage of how we are scared, pathetic, psychologically damaged people with little penises.

Look, I get it.  The anti-fun forces in America don’t know anything about guns, don’t understand gun owners, don’t like guns, and most of all don’t like gun owners.

So if I were going to turn around and call the antis a name it would be “Tipper Gore.”

The anti gun fight today is the same fight we’ve seen in human history forever.  It is the battle between the meddlers and those people who just want to be left alone.

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, there were uptight puritanical meddlers who didn’t like Rock music or violent video games and did everything in their power to get Congress to ban them and increase the age needed to buy what the couldn’t ban.   Remember that these same people blamed Marilyn Manson for the Columbine Shooting.

Now they have turned their attention to guns.  The 1994 AWB didn’t work.  Neither has any state or city level AWB or handgun ban or magazine capacity in in New York, California, Chicago, Maryland, Washing DC or anywhere else.

But that doesn’t matter.  They don’t like guns and that is the point.

I like guns.  I enjoy shooting.  There isn’t some deep underlying psychological problem or issue of manhood.  I find shooting to be a thrill.

I used to ride a motorcycle for the same reason but gave that up because of the kids.

I love to lift weights.  Few things feel better than the burn of a good pump.

There are people who are scared shitless of motorcycles.

Then again there are people who love to run marathons or go sky diving.  I don’t understand that.  Personally, I think anybody who runs 26 miles in a stretch is insane.

I understand that just because I don’t understand something and don’t like it myself, isn’t a reason to ban it.

Law abiding gun owners are no threat to greater society.  Many are, in fact, the opposite.

What we want is (I said it before, I’ll say it again) to be left the hell alone.

Let me buy what I want to buy and own what I want to own.  Let me carry concealed where I want, you won’t even know I have it on me.  Stop trying to interfere in my life because you don’t like what I do.  I’m not hurting anyone and I don’t want to.  Stop meddling.

I will never understand the impulse that some people have to want to micromanage the lives of others.

The message that I want to send if very simple: please leave us the fuck alone.

4 Replies to “The gun debate is an age old fight”

  1. Well that’s the problem right there. Some people believe they have not only the right but the obligation to meddle in others’ lives “for their own good.”

    Those of us who are not like that, have a very hard time understanding those who are.

  2. Someone rents an F250 from the Home Depot and drives it down a bike path mowing down people and EVERYONE is like “meh,so what” aint no one demanding they ban F250s…..fuk em. I dont care. As they said in Texas ” come and take it”

  3. In the 80s and 90s those meddlers thought they had gun control in the bag so they started reaching out to things like videogames and Marilyn Manson to expand their reach and keep themselfs relevant. Its never been about gun control, its about absolute control.

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