The NRA a terrorist organization? One question needs to be answered.

Michael Bane keeps repeating something that is true: The Liberals are chumming the waters. It is like they were betting heavily on a bad response, a bloody act and then somehow, magically and by the force of their convictions, nothing else would happen but they get to control everybody because magic.

These people need to revisit the tale of Pandora’s box. They also need to know that an average of 500 members of Irish Republican Army kept the British Army entangled for decades in an island where they have absolute control of comings and goings and no Bill of Rights to impede them.

They may be interested to know that from 1964 to 2017 the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) drove the Colombian Government crazy to the point they rather pardon them and stop the killing than keep fighting them. The FARC ended up controlling one-third of Colombia and took over the growing and processing of coca leaves into cocaine paste. We are talking about 7,000 armed revolutionaries controlling and area the size of the State of California with only 7,000 armed people.

Since 1991,Abu Sayaff has been basically in control of the south of the Philippines with 1,500 members at its peak, 400 members estimated now. The government cannot get rid of them.

In Peru, Shinning Path (1982) was possibly the cruelest and most sadistic assholes of all terrorist groups in South America. Even though the leader of the group was arrested and the organization is a shadow of what it was, they are still active. Number of members? Although nowadays they run under 500, at its highest they had about 2,000 they managed to keep a tight grip 124,000 square miles of Peru, roughly the size of New Mexico.

So basically you have the example of four real terrorist organizations totaling under ten thousand individuals, controlling more than a quarter million square miles of territory of four countries without any Bill Of Rights’ protections for decades. The question now is very simple:

Do you really want five million NRA members becoming the thing you call us?

Food for thought on that one.


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  1. Apart from those examples, there is one that feels better: the fact that a small number of Jews, armed only with whatever weapons they could find or glean from the enemy held thousands of Nazi soldiers at bay in Warsaw for months.


  2. Hell, look at what one guy did in Southern California in February 2013.

    Chris Dorner had all of SoCal, Nevada and parts of northern Mexico going nuts over one guy.

    They knew his name, what he looked like, everything. It still took them almost two weeks to finally get him cornered and pull an FBI.


  3. People like this Claude fellow haven’t thought any of this through. Much like that other guy, The Rude Pundit, who was featured here a couple of weeks ago, the presumption is that all will cower in fear of government might and tyranny. People like this have been brought up with to believe the state is God, and as God fearing subjects, they don’t dare question the incredible might the state possesses. They become jubilant at the thought of the government using this might to murder the people they disagree with. That Rude Pundit fellow made that abundantly clear. Of course, it would never be restricted to gun owners. If all guns magically disappeared, in 5 years that billboard would read “The Heritage Foundation is a terrorist organization”. But I digress. Even if 100,000 people said “we’re not going quietly”, the government would have a huge problem on it’s hands, and would be a situation that it couldn’t win. Not to mention that not every government LEO is a mindless killer who wants to shed blood on behalf of the state. Sure, some are malleable enough to be amenable to pointless violence, but many others aren’t. And to think the good LEO’s are going to be keen to do the bidding of progressives who hate them? Ain’t gonna happen.


  4. They feel that the US military will use there full might to kill us all while they sip there iced tea and soy products. It’s always someone else. And since the push socialism they are not really ones to read up on it even bother to know history. They honestly feel they would come out on top and unscathed and since they are mostly sociopaths what follows would be welcome. No matter the bodycount and destruction.

    That and they feel that if it gets REALLY out of hand the US government will simply drop nuclear weapons by the dozen or hundreds on United States citizens on United States soil killing tens of millions of people in flyover country and red states. To them and CNN and MSNBC and most of the far left that would be cause for celebration. I can honestly see when the democrats get back in power if they start dropping nukes after there blanket gun ban where owning a gun is punishable by execution without trial doesn’t work as intended(?) MSNBC popping champagne as dozens of millions of people maybe over 100 million they do not view as human or worthy of life are killed in the tens on millions.

    What do all totalitarian regimes eventually do the opposition once they gain power? The number and means is no matter; only the result: socialist utopia.


    1. @Shawn – But what they don’t get is, the harder and more brutal they become, the worse it’s going to be for them. If the American government ever devolves to the point that they are openly killing U.S. Citizens, then the country is completely lost. When a government behaves in such a way, a couple of things happen. 1. People get really, really pissed off, and 2. People get scared and desperate. The latter is of greater concern for a rogue government. Will a country founded on the spirit of rebellion and independence quietly accept a government that arbitrarily murders it’s own citizens? What happens when people realize the country they’ve known is gone, and the only path forward is to live under the totalitarian boot of progressivism? A desperate, scared man is an incredibly dangerous man, because he feels he has nothing to lose.
      Fortunately, this sort of future is still a ways off and I don’t think it’s inevitable. But make no mistake, it is absolutely the end game of rabid leftists.


  5. They do this shit for the same reason they make movies or cartoons mocking Christians, they are cowards. They know that we are safe targets. Law abiding, gun owning NRA members don’t go on rampages. Christians don’t behead people over cartoons.

    They know if they said this about Muslims or M-13, they’d end up dead in their driveway, so they vent at the people whose strongest response would be “bless your heart” or fuck you.”


  6. Mmmkay… so NRA members who have not hurt, killed or destroyed other peoples property is a “terrorist organization” but BLM, nu-antifa, NOI and Planned Parenthood who have hurt many people, rioted all over, burned neighborhoods and killed millions of unborn babies (to sell their parts for profit) just get a pass?
    Riddle me this Batman: what the actual fuck?!?

    Ugh… progtards.


  7. The purpose of calling the NRA and by extension all gun owners “terrorists” is to use membership in the NRA, GOA, SAF, or postings to pro gun web-sites as evidence of “terroristic” tendencies to remove our guns and us under a “no fly, no buy” provision of the next gun control bill. No, they haven’t thought about the numbers, they will expect their hirelings to do their fighting and dying for them if it comes to that, as always. After all they have their SA and Red Guards in the form of BLM and Antifa.


  8. We the People have 100-200 million of us.. The combined military,ALL of them is around a million. The libbys? No where near 100million. Remind them, every day. Good luck.


    1. Possession of tanks, jets, et al does not automatically indicate victory- just ask the Vietnamese or the Afganis.
      Jets, tanks, ect are great when it comes to classic open warfare. But, they kind of suck when it comes to guerrilla warfare, when your opponents aren’t fighting openly.
      But should it come to a second American Civil War (God forbid), a different dynamic will come to play that will supersede previous ideology- and that’s the beliefs of the winning faction, and that will tend to follow more the example of the winning general. Washington was a rare man indeed, and I doubt we’ll see his kind again.



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