The saddest part of all these amendments to the Florida Bill?

With the one exception by Senator Steube, most of the 229 amendments (So far at 9:20 am) placed for consideration have been venomously Anti Gun. Only a miniscule part had to do with appropriations and administrative issues.

No GOP Senator or Representative other than Steube has had the courage of step up to write their own Pro-Gun Amendment.

Dear Florida GOP, next year when you are trying to figure out how you lost the Governorship, the Senate and the House, you may want to come back to this month and review where did you screw up.


3 Replies to “The saddest part of all these amendments to the Florida Bill?”

  1. The Republican Party, pretty much across the board nationwide, has no discernible principles. There are a few rare examples — Rand Paul comes to mind, and it sounds like Steube is another. But for the most part, the GOP’s claim to our vote amounts to “we’re not quite as bad as the other guys”.
    By contrast, the Democratic Party does have principles. Bad ones, to be sure, but they are there and you can see them applied.

  2. Democrats are the modern communist and should be called that. Republicans do not support their oath of office and are now the old time democrats of the late 50’s

    1. I’ve said it many times: only a microscopic fraction of all the people in government, in any branch, obey their oath of office. And this has been true, and well documented, ever since 1789.

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