Florida SB 7026 House Vote: YEAS 67, NAYS 50

This is not only  a dumb “Must Do Something For The Children” bill, but they manage to bamboozled the GOP into voting for Gun Control.

And it is celebration time for the opposition.

And, of course, there is close to three-quarters of a billion dollars of pork to dole out. You did not see that one coming, did ya?

$400 million for mental health and school safety programs,
$98 million to make schools more physically secured
$87 million to establish a Safe Schools program
$69 million for mental health assistance
$25 million to replace the classroom building where the massacre occurred
$18.3 million for mobile crisis teams
$500,000 for mental health first aid training

But it is the NRA the one buying politicians.

Next January, Florida’s color will become blue.

Start buying your stuff now because they will come at us with all they have. CWP and SYG included. We will be the New Jersey of the South.


5 Replies to “Florida SB 7026 House Vote: YEAS 67, NAYS 50”

  1. Emailed the guvnoh, not that I think it’ll make much difference at this point since it’s become clear that most if not all FL Republicans politikritters are sniveling, spineless RINOs and need to be voted out, harshly if possible.


  2. I think if I was a Democrat like any news media, I’d be celebrating, too.

    With one mass shooting, a mere 17 kids, they got the Republicans to enact their policies for them. The Dems don’t have to worry about not getting votes next time, the Republicans do. As always, the Republicans are beaten badly because the Dems have a strategy and work it relentlessly.

    I’m not saying they killed the kids themselves, or arranged the shooting, but the response to the shooting has clearly been planned. Far too many moving pieces got put in place within a day or two for me to believe it’s just a reaction. New laws have already been passed in other states. Do you honestly think the kids had a list of companies to boycott? I doubt half of them even knew who the NRA is, let alone sporting goods companies that don’t have stores in South Florida. Didn’t you show a tweet earlier talking about boycotting Cabela’s? The nearest Cabela’s is close to Atlanta. How many Douglas students know who they are?


    1. Just like Sandy Hook, look back and see how quickly Moms Demand sprouted up ‘outta thin air’, with pre printed signage around the country in a few days…..


    2. Democrat policies led to the monster not having a police record, allowing him to arm himself. They wanted to end the “school to prison pipeline” so made a school to grave pipeline.



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