House vote on Gun Package in doubt

Last month, survivors of the attack led thousands of protesters in a march on the Capitol demanding a ban on assault weapons and universal background checks for all gun purchases.
Both items, however, are not included in the legislation being discussed and may make the bill unpalatable to Democrats, some of whom are calling for a special session to deal with the issue.
On the other side, some Republicans may turn down the measure because of its three-day waiting period and the minimum age for gun purchases, additions which are opposed by Second Amendment advocates.
Together, those opponents on opposite ends of the spectrum could doom the bill.

Parkland parents urge lawmakers to support compromise gun bill

This would be the perfect ending to this misguided tale of legislation. I am not holding my breath for this one just yet as they are still babbling away in the floor of the House.

Now, there is a budget bill coming and believe me that one is VERY important to both the House and the Senate. So eventually SB 7026 will have to be either voted on or set aside before time runs out Friday. As much as politician wants our guns, they want money even more. I don’t think they will go through the budget in 10 minutes and come back to this bill.

My guess would be later today we have the House voting for this bill and, if approved,  gets returned to the Senate for final masturb… work and to be sent to the Governor.


4 Replies to “House vote on Gun Package in doubt”

  1. They keep taking breaks to let members make goodbye speeches, so this doesn’t seem to be a very high priority to finish.

  2. Remember that the first rule of politics is to do what it takes to get elected.
    Gun control (both for and against) is one of those issues that puts money in campaign coffers and voters in booths come November.

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