How is this Parkland thing going to end

Yesterday I covered Shannon Watts’ attack on Bethany Mandel for being a white women who owns a gun.

It seems that Bethany Mandel has become another lightning rod for anti gun hatred.

Ms. Mandel explained on Fox News why she owns a gun.  She grew up in a trailer park where the police response time was 20 minutes.

Oliver Willis is a writer.  The tagline of his website is “like Kryptonite to stupid.”  He decided to attack Ms. Mandel’s quality of motherhood.  He then went on to compare law abiding gun owners to crack addicts.

I understand Ms. Mandel’s position.  I grew up in a nice neighborhood in Miami.  When I moved to South Dakota I was broke and lived in a shitty neighborhood.  Half the residents (the maximum allowed by Section 8) were on housing assistance  and were right off Rosebud or Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Arrests in the neighborhood were almost nightly occurrences.  People would move out in the middle of the night and steal the AC unit out of the wall.

I had people knock on my door and try to push their way into my apartment because I had heat and power and they had their utilities limited for lack of payment and “they were cold.”  I had people steal my groceries out of the back of my truck if I took more than one trip to get them inside.  Some kid destroyed my wife’s car because she was a teacher at one of the local high schools and he had gotten suspended fro the school.

So for me in that neighborhood, a gun was always near me.  This is something Mr. Willis will never understand.

When Ms. Mandel challenged him, he dismissed her statement because she “make friends with Nazis.”  A conservative Jew doxed by Stormfront is a Nazi sympathizer?  Only in the mind of a lunatic.

Dana Loesch continues to attract insane hatred from the Left.

Rosie O’Donnell went after her again on Twitter.

Because putting up billboards that say “The NRA is a terrorist organization” (paid for by a former Clinton staffer) is played out, the media select kids of Parkland made a video saying the NRA is like ISIS.

Really?  Because I have never heard of an NRA member cutting off anybody’s head, throwing them off a building to their death, or burning people alive.

Just to prove what kind of media attention whore she is, Emma Gonzales had to remind everybody that she was involved in this logical disaster of a video too.

Washed up actress Alyssa Milano decided to try and get Amazon to censor Dana Loesch’s video.

Apparently telling the media that their time for telling lies is up is a threat.

A billboard that says “kill the NRA” isn’t a threat and is something something statement about political influence bullshit.

Then Dana Loesch’s motherhood was called into question.

David Hogg proudly claimed that he hung on the White House when they called him about the CNN town hall.

Parkland student Cameron Kasky called NRA donations “blood money” to Senator Marco Rubio’s face and called Dana Loesch “that NRA lady” in an absolutely stunning display of condescending rudeness.

Baltimore is sending 3,000 students to DC to protest for gun control.  Which makes perfect sense following Parkland.  These kids have become famous, not for their knowledge or insight but for their vulgar outrage.  Why stay in school when and learn something when you can be vulgar and outrageous?  It is a faster path to fame and fortune.

This is the Kim Kardashianing of politics.  If you can become a millionaire celebrity by showing your ass and banging people with talent, why can’t you become a famous policy expert by cursing ignorantly into every camera around.

So here is the question I have?

Where does this end.

There is no middle ground with people who call you a crack whore and an unfit mother because you own a gun to protect herself.

I wonder what they would say to the woman who killed a man who tried to break into her home with a knife a few days after her husband’s funeral?

There is no middle ground with people who call the NRA terrorists or say we are like ISIS.  Especially if they downplay the Pulse Shooting as an anti-gay hate crime and not an act of actual ISIS inspired terrorism.  Or accepted Obama calling the San Bernardino shooting or Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence.”

These people may be a loud minority but they are driving the pop culture.  We saw with Dick’s, REI, Detla, WalMart, etc, that they are willing to put politics over profits.  Which should come as no surprise as the NFL and Hollywood has been doing that for over a year.  Hitting them in the wallet won’t shift them anymore.

We shouldn’t have to negotiate for our rights from a bunch of people who see us as less than them.  That’s the very reason the Bill of Rights exists, to protect our rights from angry mob rule.

Will this blow over or with this drag on into an intractable situation.  If it does, just how much more of it can America take?






6 Replies to “How is this Parkland thing going to end”

  1. You ask how much can America take, I don’t think much more. You need to call these people and the leftist what they are, communist.

  2. Kathy Jackson has mentioned in her books and blogs how many women (Herself included) don’t think much about self defense, but suddenly being in charge of the safety of young children suddenly think a LOT about it.

    While some might have a realization that they live in a rural part of the country, and they will be alone with any danger for a long time before help can arrive, for those who live in Urban areas, we just need to look to Parkland where the police arrived amazingly quick…..and took cover while innocents were killed, and the wounded bled to death.

    The bottom line is if you wait for the government to save you, you will be waiting for the rest of your life….

  3. Oliver Willis suffers from brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. He’s so busy fluffing for any “progressive” who might throw a Twinky in his direction that he doesn’t have time to breath.

  4. “I wonder what they would say to the woman who killed a man who tried to break into her home…” — I think I know the answer: they would condemn her. They much prefer criminals over honest people, because they are morally much closer to them.
    Neil Smith quotes T.D. Melrose on this subject: “Victim disarmament types are sick, sick people, who’d rather see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than see her with a gun in her hand.”

  5. In the late 1990’s Claire Wolfe said “We’re at that awkward stage where it’s too late to save things but too early to start shooting the bastards”. I have the feeling we’ll be crossing that Rubicon pretty soon.

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