How much did Gun Control in Florida cost?

$400 million for mental health and school safety programs,
$98 million to make schools more physically secured
$87 million to establish a Safe Schools program
$69 million for mental health assistance
$25 million to replace the classroom building where the massacre occurred
$18.3 million for mobile crisis teams
$500,000 for mental health first aid training

Total: $697,800,000

Where is that money going? Or better yet. Who is gonna pocket the Taxpayer’s money under the excuse of safety? 

We are not going to have a School Marshal program, we are already hearing from School Boards all over the state that they won’t allow implementation, it does not matter if they have Seal Team Six as custodians in the school. These are School Boards like in Broward that purposely ignored Nick Cruz antics and led to him shooting a school under the same School Board control.

To put it simply: The Broward county School Board who ignored and hid the obvious signs of danger of Nikolas Cruz, will now be rewarded with a shitload of taxpayer’s money and they will block the most effective means to stop the next killer.

How does that make you feel?

My recommendation to Broward County Parents: Home Schooling.

2 Replies to “How much did Gun Control in Florida cost?”

  1. I have said before and will say it here again, leftists don’t care about the children… how could any group that think it’s ok to kill a million (or there abouts) unborn children every year honestly claim to care about kids?

  2. Home schooling , from Wasserman-Shultz’s district? If mommy and daddy aren’t wise enough to elect somebody who isn’t that snake, they probably don’t know what a vowel is, or which is the plus sign, and which is the minus, nevermind what to do with them.

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