It’s not like they are going to learn anything else otherwise

According to Baltimore CBS local City To Provide 60 Free Buses To Send Students To March For Our Lives Rally.

According to The Hill:

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) said Tuesday that the city would organize 60 free buses to take students to the anti-gun violence march in Washington, D.C., later this month.

Pugh addressed hundreds of students who had walked out of Baltimore City schools and marched to City Hall on Tuesday to demand action on gun violence.

“It is all about hearing the voices of young people,” Pugh said, according to video of the situation posted by a Baltimore Sun reporter. “Let’s show Washington, D.C., that Baltimore matters.”

This seems like a totally reasonable use of resources.

As we all know, Baltimore city schools are the public education gem of the Unites States.

Oh, wait, they’re not.

Only 13% of 8th graders are reading at grade level.

Six schools in Baltimore had a whopping 0% student proficiency in math AND reading.  As in NONE of the students could read or do basic math with any competency.

Thirteen schools had 0% proficiency in math.

Less than half of students can pass a basic English and math assessment exam.

On second thought, they city might as well ship 3,000 students to DC to protest because it’s not like they are going to learn anything if they stay in school anyway.

At least they will learn the most important Liberal lesson of all: education is for suckers, demand everything you want from the goverment.

I guess that makes this an educational field trip.


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