5 Replies to “My chilhood has been placed under a new light.”

  1. I went back to watch a few favorite childhood shows a few years ago. That was a mistake, as they were pretty terrible. I have been super reluctant to dig up any more for fear of destroying the childhood nostalgia. This screenshot makes me wonder if I should make an exception for Johnny Quest. Does anyone know if that show holds up for adults, or if I should just skip it like all the others?


  2. Hi-point didn’t exist back then. You know what DID? The Gyrojet Carbine. Given the series love of rocketry and lasers and other space-age stuff, that makes a LOT of sense.

    Also I might add that while the Gyrojet was a pile of fail in reality, fictional characters don’t have an ammo bill, nor do they have ammo with jet port defects or ammo that needs to accelerate to deadly speed after it leaves the muzzle.

    I think that is a fictitious Gyrojet that didn’t suck. James Bond also used a similar fictional gun in both movies and books.



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