Our official Blog Troll apears to be horrified by one of my posts.

I have dear old Rick muted in Twitter since the option was available. I think he is the only non-spammer that has been muted and/or blocked by me.
Anyway, apparently I am never too far away from his thoughts; in fact it seems I live rent free in his cranial housing.

It is a legitimate question brought out because as intellectual as these idiots are purported to be, they are woefully ignorant of how the real world works. If a handful of barely armed and barely trained individuals in countries without any constitutional rights, had dedicated armies chasing after them could not be controlled, imagine only one million NRA members armed only with scoped bolt-action rifles and the capability to place a “boolit” without any effort at a man-sized target 500 yards away.

So, in honor of Rick shitting his delicate panties again, I give you the link to his favorite GFZ post of all times: “What I saw at the coup”. by Matthew Bracken


Screen cap courtesy of George from The Universal Spectator.

4 Replies to “Our official Blog Troll apears to be horrified by one of my posts.”

  1. I am legally blind without my glasses, was legally blind most of my life with glasses. So I have really bad vision. That being said with iron sights I can make a coke can dance at 100 yards. Yeah. Lucky we aren’t as dangerous as his delusion believes.

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