Systemic Failure of Law Enforcement -Active Response Training.

Stealing again from Greg Ellifritz who has Ron Borsch as a guest writer.

We should sent this paragraph alone to the people in the Florida Legislature

Only half of Rapid Mass Murder© incidents are ever stopped by anyone, meaning in that half, the murdering stops only when the murderer says it stops, as in this Florida example. In the half that is stopped by someone, it is on-site citizens that are the majority factor by a two-thirds majority. The remaining minority third is stopped by OFF-SITE police. What police responses work best should be well known by professional police officers. For the last several years, we have freely and widely shared the results of our Stopwatch of Death© database of Rapid Mass Murder© going back to 1975.

Systemic Failure of Law Enforcement.

You will do yourself a great favor reading the whole post.


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