That was short lived

Alabamians are ready for more gun control.  At least that’s what their Democratic Sen. Doug Jones said.

No, no we’re not. 

We’re very happy Remington is here and can’t wait for Kimber to join them.

We like our gun rights and aren’t fans of losing them because of what some nut job in another state did while the local Sheriff was being worthless.

He fought a really hard campaign to get elected Senator from Alabama.  Seems a waste to throw away all that effort to sabotage his chances at reelection like that.

Oh well.

2 Replies to “That was short lived”

  1. Damn shame Roy Moore did not get elected…

    Hey! What ever happened to all his accusers? Weren’t they all going to sue him into the poorhouse?

    Where are they now that the election is over?

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