The Brooklyn bubble

I caught this thread about cars.

I have no idea who the hell David Klion is.  So when I started down this thread I seriously believed that this was someone mocking anti-gun talking points but using cars.  Pointing out just how ridiculous they sound when talking about any other dangerous object that some people love but can cause injury and death if used irresponsibly or criminally.

Then it continued.

That’s not an anti-gun talking point.

OK, what’s going on here?

This is not a mockery of ant-gun talking points, this fucking guy is serious.

What does he mean the “average American lives in a sprawling metropolitan area?”  Half of the population lives in urban areas.  That’s not “average” that’s median.

What I think he means is that the average Liberal American like him lives in a sprawling metropolis and fuck rural America because I don’t like them.

Here we go, relating curs to guns in that he hates both car and gun culture because it kills people.  Not the law abiding people who are responsible with their cars and guns, but he is going to make them suffer because of a minority of bad people.

I live in Huntsville, Alabama’s third largest city with a population of 193,000 people.  Not exactly podunk.  At the same time, not exactly a city that could maintain an effective public transportation system.

I work in a factory on the edge of Huntsville and live even further out from the center of town.  What bus is supposed to come to where I live and take me to work, and back again?

This thread could only have been born of an elitist who has never stepped foot out side of New York City and has never worked in anything other than a office in a high rise.

It’s clear he thinks America is either farms or downtown Brooklyn.

I don’t want to live in a concrete box stacked on top of other concrete boxes taking public transportation to another concrete box.  I’m an American, not a citizen of Megacity One.

Fuck this guy.  If this is his idea of the direction America should go, he’s more and more proving that it is time for a national divorce.

Nobody is taking my gun, my pickup truck, or my yard.

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  1. “The average American lives in a sprawling metropolitan area that shouldn’t have been built around cars but was, and we need to do everything we can to fix that”

    Actually cities like Brooklyn and NYC existed long before cars and were not “built around cars.” Every time I hear this crap I remind the speaker that in the early 1900s, the automobile was hailed as the savior of a NYC that was literally drowning in horse s**t with all the associated odor and disease.

  2. Neil Smith wrote of people who want to “disautomobile” us.
    This thread brings up an important point. Often people claim that “driving is a privilege not a right”. Don’t let them get away with that. The right to move freely is a basic human right, just as the right to self defense is. And in both cases, that right includes the right to use the most suitable tools for achieving it. The car, and the gun, respectively.

  3. Makes me wish I remembered my Twitter log in that Made exactly 2 posts about 8 plus years ago.

    Just so I can let this nit wit know I am a proud owner of firearms (plural) and drive a 3/4 ton Diesel pickup daily without the common courtesy of even carpooling.

    Screw him

  4. So with his logic we should get rid of doctors because doctor mistakes “kill 10s of thousands of people each year” brilliant logic from an idiot.

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