The day I joined the “Dark Side.”

Yesterday, I got an email from Rick at announcing the arrival of my “Freedom Seed” AKA Palmetto Armory stripped lower. Not 30 minutes later, the Brown Truck of Ballistic Happiness dropped a box with the upper and the rest of the goodies that go with the lower. In the afternoon, I dropped over Ricks, had a swell time while processing the paperwork and, BANG! I was an AR owner.

Why now and not before? I am contrary and I don’t follow trends because that is the way I click. J. Kb. was amazed and suspect when he found out I don’t own anything that shoots .45 ACP. I own revolvers, but not Glocks or 1911s. I can’t figure out myself.
The point is that this time I had a bad feeling in my prominent gut. But the stars aligned and Palmetto State Armory had a sale on a stripped lower, another sale on a full upper and the stuff to properly dress the lower with all coming under $400.

Think about that: $400 and a bit of sweat gets you a good quality AR-15.

I spoke with the wife, checked our credit, rummaged the closet for sellable stuff and went for it. Thanks to a donation and an AK part already sold, I have repaid 1/4 of the AR and the wife was slightly happy.

So, why the picture when by nature I am reluctant to show my guns? First is because it turned out good. Second is because it is my “artistic” way to say Eff and U to the Skin Head Pod Eater, her Nazi Mate in Propaganda and assorted Antis that tried (and failed) to embarrass and frighten me because I am a gun owner and an NRA member.

And like me, I am sure there are several tens of thousands who are also holding a brand new AR-15 or similar. And that will be your legacy: You pissed off a bunch of ornery and contrary people of all sexes and races and they went and bought the gun you wanted banned.

You failed. 



14 Replies to “The day I joined the “Dark Side.””

  1. Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of AR ownership!

    (And in all seriousness, if you like you can get wood furniture sets – stock, grip, barrel shroud – from several places. A much more traditional look, at least at first glance, with the same functionality.)

  2. “And that will be your legacy: You pissed off a bunch of ornery and contrary people of all sexes and races …”

    Sounds like a definition of America and America that could be addressed to the Redcoats, the Kaiser, Adolph Hitler, Tojo, Bin Ladin, ad nauseam. We Americans collectively have a high tolerance for BS and bluster. If you are stupid enough to prodding us, or actually do something that threatens us, our reaction will sudden, violent and total, ‘cuz that’s how we roll.

    Too bad history isn’t taught in in schools anymore.

  3. As I read your blog post, I am holding a brand new Springfield Saint, my first 5.56 rifle to commemorate the Assault Rifle Ban Attempt. I must say, I feel a….tactical assault episode coming on and I think……it’s coming from this gun……NOPE, it’s just my overactive Liberal Hollywood Created Mindset.

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