If you have Twitter, I have an assignment for you.

Strictly voluntary, of course and if you feel like making idiots crap in their pant for giggles. Open a new list in your account, give it a title and explanation that is mildly disturbing. Here is mine.

A notification is sent to the person that he/she has been added to the list and shows the name and the definition. Just don’t be obvious, calling your list “Corpses I will Send to Odin’s Feast Table.” is a wee bit over the top. Same for the explanation: “I have a shredded called Audrey II.” will put people off, specially if they like musicals.

I am adding any Gun Control asshole that calls for the treatment of the NRA and its members as terrorist or anybody else who wish us and our families death.

“But Miguel! That is ratcheting up the rhetoric.”
They drew First Blood, not me.

It should make for fine hysterics and paranoia. Don’t forget to have a lot of pop corn.


4 Replies to “If you have Twitter, I have an assignment for you.”

  1. No different, in my mind, than billboards saying Kill the NRA, or The NRA is a Terrorist Organization.

    In fact, it is technically more factually correct.


  2. Please share with us some of the reactions you get when they inevitably freak out over it. Just tell them it is like the no-fly list, they have no way to get off and you don’t have to tell them why they are on it.



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