A sigh of the current anti-gun times

I have seen far too many calls to declare the NRA a terrorist organization and its members terrorists. I have seen too many public opinions demanding that the NRA and its spokespeople be silenced and denied the right to broadcast their opinions.  I have seen too many Facebook posts and Tweets calling for the criminalization, mass incarceration, and even murder or execution of NRA members or law abiding gun owners.

Let me make this clear.  If you believe that you need to silence, imprison, or murder large numbers of fellow citizens to achieve your goals, your beliefs are wrong.  Your Utopian vision is garbage if it is built on the mass graves of dissenters.

When your definition of a political victory is the stripping of rights from other people, your position is evil.

Whether it is push back against the election of Donald Trump or the push to impose new heavy anti-gun laws, I am convinced that this is the ultimate fantasy of the Progressive Left.



3 Replies to “A sigh of the current anti-gun times”

  1. Not the ultimate fantasy, it is their ultimate goal and outcome, complete control over the masses. They envy countries like Cuba, Venezuela and China where those in power live like royalty while the rest of the people rot. Reminds of a famous line that cost that person their head, “let them eat cake”.

  2. You can see similar solutions argued against “climate denyers”. That means any heretic who doesn’t genuflect to the Gore Church of Warmism.

  3. They are so insane and sociapathic that if they do realize they don’t care. But many of them suffer from Peterson syndrome where if they believe in something then it’s true. This also means that they can hold two contradictory opinions at the same time. Their hatred is so extreme that to them the extermination of conservatives in the same way the Nazis did the Jews is actually a good thing and should be promoted at every step. If it involves using nuclear weapons on red states to quell the uprising that would probably happen; they deem that an acceptable action.

    You post that photo of Auschwitz and they actually view that as a good thing. They are so insane and hate us so much that they would want that to happen. To them they view us “unworthy of life“ and a “problem” that needs to be solved. If they have to kill 110 million United states citizens then that is acceptable. Anything for utopia. Reasoning with these people Is an exercise in futility. What you can do of course his show the fence sitters how insane these people actually are and why they should never have political power. Of course it’s kind a hard when they control all institutions.

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