5 Replies to “Gov Rick Scott signs SB 7026 into law.”

  1. I figured guvnoh Voldermort was gonna cave in. Now to wait for the fallout.

    On one hand, it could have been worse. On the other hand, we are screwed once again by anti-2A dbags and politikos with these lies about “compromises” that keep eroding our rights with nothing for us to show for it.

    * Compromise (kŏmˈprə-mīzˌ), noun: A settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions.

    I don’t see any concessions from the antis, again. Are they using an alternate reality dictionary? Sheesh.

    Next libtard that mentions “compromises” or “lets have a discussion” will get a size 12 boot shoved so far up their ass they’ll taste leather.

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