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  1. I received a similarly phrased letter haranguing me and threatening imprisonment for failing to register. Even weirder, as I recall. it was addressed :

    2LT Gregory K Taggart
    25th Company , IOBC
    First Infantry Training Brigade
    Ft Benning, Georgia

    I threw it away. It was the source of much amusement among my colleagues who lived in the BOQ.


  2. But only the government can manage our health care, decide what guns we own, determine allowable speech, and how much water our toilets use.


  3. I know it’s easy enough to mock this, but I’m sure there’s a sensible explanation. Simply, the Selective Service database isn’t cross-referenced with the database of the Department of Defense, and at any rate, the registration with the SS System is a separate legal requirement. Even after discharge, so long as you are within the draft age limits, you could still be called in, and that SS registration is what they need to do that.


  4. My father was arrested in 1953 for much the same thing. He had joined the Navy at 17, and had never registered. He was home on leave when he was 19, and was arrested for draft evasion. His method of informing the police that he was in the Military was to have call his “business” to inform them he would not be back to work on time. Imagine their surprise when the call was answered with “Good Afternoon, you have reached the Quarterdeck of the USS Cushing, DD 797. How may I direct your call?”.



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