Life without a pocket knife

I saw this picture and I thought “That ain’t much of a punishment or prank.”

And then I remember that people will not every day carry the simplest of blades with them.  That is why you see some trying to open a box with a pair of blunt scissors and have a miserable time at doing so.

I think I use one of my pocket knives at least once a day. I think I have been carrying a knife almost every day for almost 40 years.

5 Replies to “Life without a pocket knife”

  1. Yes, knives are so handy – I wouldn’t be without one (or more). I can’t believe what they’re doing in England – even confiscating Swiss army knives!


    1. You simply need to remember that England does not have a Constitution. The same goes for much of the rest of the world; some countries have something that says it’s a constitution but it doesn’t actually mean anything (like China), or it says that the powers of the government are unlimited, or (like Holland) it says that courts have no authority to judge the constitutionality of what the government does.
      There are lots of ways in which I made the right decision to immigrate; this example is one of the big ones.



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