6 Replies to “For Chris: A pictorial about our insane Gun Laws.”

  1. It’s always fun to be the recipient of a lecture on “How Gun Laws Work”, by someone who (a) has never purchased a gun, and/or (b) has never read/lived under our gun laws. Yeah, fun times.

  2. The various ignorati chiming in to defend leftist felons reveals quite a bit about them, their worldview, and motivations, doesn’t it?

    1) They shouldn’t be held to the same legal standards, because their intentions are good.
    2) Intent is more important than the actual laws.
    3) Feelings matter more than facts.
    4) They don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.

    Not one of these snowflakes acting out their Freudian castration fantasies has done a simple 5 second Google search on the official, legal way to destroy a gun.

  3. For the shotguns it gets even more cryptic.

    Say you want to MAKE a short-barreled pistol gripped gun.

    If you start with the 18″ barreled gun with a pistol grip, you fill out a Form 1 and you’re making an AOW. And it costs $200 to make, $5 to transfer.

    If you start with a shotgun with a stock, you fill out a Form 1 and you’re making a SBS. $200 to make, $200 to transfer.

    The 18″ gun with a pistol grip is a shotgun.

    The 14″ gun that’s 26″+ long is a firearm. Not a rifle. Not a pistol. Not a shotgun.

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