Junior Goebbles strikes again.

Sorry, but it is the image he projects that simply cannot be associated with Freedom and Rights in any way possible.

He can be wearing a purple clown suit with orange hair and big yellow shoes and Leni Riefenstahl’s would hire him for Triumph Of The Will as perfect example of the Nazi Youth and Aryan Stereotype.

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  1. I’m not sure they read Tinker.

    Tinker is about how our rights extended all the way onto government property.

    Even for 13 year olds.

    It also mentions that there’s a limit to free speech.

    Bet they don’t focus on this.

    But we might wanna thank him for reminding us of this and see if we can use the precedent for carrying a gun on campus, within non disruptive limits.

    We might also use it to show that the BoR applies to minors as well.

  2. This is the result of the communist indoctrination that the youth are getting in public education. Wakeup people as it starts here and goes after your rights relentlessly!

  3. I’m not one for body shaming, but look how weedy his arm is where the band is placed — and it ain’t even snug. He looks to be a person who could use an equalizer against an attacker, so he has even less of a clue how valuable firearms could be to him.

  4. The natural course of where this type of totalitarianism takes our country is not going to be pretty. I’d advise everyone here to prepare accordingly, but I have a hunch you already are.

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  6. “Junior Goebbles” is a good title for him. He slanders people who actually want to stop violence, and he stands for stealing away the ability of victims to fight back against their attackers while pushing a hashtag that says “fighting for our lives.”

    The only people fighting for anyone’s lives are the ones trying to ensure the right to *shoot back* when some crazed Democrat storms a school intent on killing people!

  7. This is the guy they want to trot out to tell us to disarm?

    One hell of an optics problem with this little despot-in-training uniform.

    He needs to go eat some more Tide pods. I don’t surrender my rights.

  8. Hey anti-gun Liberals, what a GREAT idea! Choose some wimpy, gay-looking, butthurt, weenieboy for a “model”, throw a “Youths For Hitler” type arm band on him, and use that for your publicity shot!

    Might as well put him in pajamas, holding a sippy cup, and playing with Barbie dolls!

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