Australian heathens

Apparently there is flooding in Queensland, Australia.

Somebody got video of a giant spider escaping the flood waters by clinging to a branch.

I wished the story ended there, but no.  The spider was rescued from the floodwaters.


It is plainly evident that god sent the flood to kill that spider.

God looked down from the heavens and said “nope, that one’s too big,” and decided to nuke the entire site from orbit.

Whoever did this, went against the will of God.

You want to know how I know?  Because God then decided to smite the people of Queensland by sending crocodiles and sharks into the flood waters.

If you get bitten by a bull shark while walking down mainstreet, it’s because you offended God.

Even God doesn’t like spiders.  Remember, the Devil made the snake to tempt Eve and ruin paradise.  After casting mankind out of the Garden of Eden, God said to the Devil “the next thing you make has to have legs.”  The Devil came back to God and said “behold my spider.”  It’s true, it’s in the Bible.

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