Don’t make their mistake.

It has been our secret weapon: They think of us as dumb rednecks and they lower their guard. But this? Not a good idea.

Disregarding the media because we think of them as being dumb is a dangerous mistake. We live in a world where the information is just a couple of mouse clicks away and we are talking about people who has been bombarded with our side’s analysis and legal reasoning since the early 90s and it has been stubbornly ignored.

They know. They choose not to tell the truth. Being deceitful is not the same as being dumb.

Ask the old heads about it. How many times after a law they passed was proven to be wrong or misguided, they came back and said :”We are sorry, we made a decision based on the information we had at the time.” but they never fixed their mistakes or corrected the record.
Don’t you think they know “Assault Weapon” is a made up term?
Don’t you think they know Gun Free Zones do not work?
Don’t you think they know Concealed Weapon Permits have been successful?

They know that and more. But they are not engaged in a fight so the truth wins but for their political views to be what commands this country. It is a fight to our deaths if necessary since we are the real inconvenient truth.


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