Visa makes a smart move

Last month, I covered how the New York Times wanted credit card companies to restrict the use of their cards in the purchase of guns.

If the Government couldn’t ban guns, they would get a handful of private companies to curtail our freedoms.  Because there is no way that could go wrong.

Visa was targeted with a petition and protest to limit what customers could buy with their card.

About two dozen people rallied outside of Visa headquarters, calling on the credit card company to stop doing business with stores selling assault weapons.

“It’s a simple act. Visa, don’t let people use a Visa credit card to buy weapons of mass murder,” said one of the women protesting.

Amid tight security, a box full of 150,000 signatures from people around the country supporting the effort was hand delivered to a Visa representative inside the building.

In a breathtaking moment of good business sense and corporate fortitude, Visa released a statement:

“We do not believe Visa should be in the position of setting restrictions on the sale of lawful goods and services.”

Fucking right, Visa.

The mewling protesters were butthurt.

“I think they will have to face the consumers who are disappointed by their inaction,” said William Winters with the Courage Campaign.

Really?  Just how many people are going to be so anti-gun that they will cut up their Visa?

Yeah, I thought so.

The protesters said the issue may ultimately be decided by the marketplace.

Well, there were over 25 million NICS checks in the US in 2017.  Americans spent over $20 BILLION on guns and ammo in 2017.

At least some of that was on credit cards.  I’m sure Visa isn’t going to want to throw away any part of a more than $20 BILLION per year market.

The market is going to win, and Visa is not opting to learn that the hard way.

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