Cat food in Vancouver

This video was in my YouTube recommended feed.

Growing up in Florida  (Miguel has said the same thing) you learn that once you go into the wilderness, you are no longer at the top of the food chain.

It’s impressed on you from an early age.  There are lots of lakes and canals that look really inviting.  They have alligators in them.

The water hazard at the local golf course is really a hazard in every meaning of the word.

Lots of people from other places don’t seem to get that.

This guy was very close to being turned into Cougar shit in the woods of Vancouver.

That cat had no fear of people.   He looked very healthy. I suspect he is used to taking food from humans.

I understand Canada gun laws are repressive, but going out in mountain lion country with just an iPhone is retarded. 

An axe is at least something more effective than yelling “shoo.”

This guy was a lot closer to being a chew toy for an apex predator than I think he realized.

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