Let me see if I get this straight.

The latest outrage by the Trump Derangement Syndrome Brigade is that POTUS while still being a Private Citizen banged a great looking Porn Star and she got money out of it.

Well, you’d be pissed too when you realized that the only thing the last President got to pork was Michelle Obama.

9 Replies to “Let me see if I get this straight.”

  1. Just like the Clintons, I don’t think the Obamas were porking… at least with each other.

    Also given that most of Bill Clinton’s sexual partners were non-consentiual and Hillary’s partner was a paid staffer, it really does make this little indiscretion seems like a small potato.

  2. If people with Trump Derangement Syndrome think the Stormy Daniels story is going to have any effect on anything, they’re once again going to be stamping their feet and crying. So a billionaire businessman paid a porn star for sex. They think Melania is going to be upset? Right, because Melania, a former model who is over 20 years younger than Trump, married him for his looks and personality. And any sense of moral outrage they could take with his behavior can be dismissed the second they fail to condemn Bill Clinton for his debacle.

    1. I’m old enough to remember the Clinton Days when progressives were lecturing conservatives that Bill did nothing wrong–all the European leaders have mistresses on the side.

      I remember their hectoring. Thank you. Presidential romps mean nothing to me now.

  3. Now that’s not true- Obama screwed every single person in the USA, plus the people in a number of other countries beside.

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