The Fix NICS Checks boondoggle

It has been a while since I tried to explain the bill, but there is simply no way to fight the Chest Thumper Narrative. Fix NICS is  basically the demanding that the reporting agencies report the persons that are already prohibited by law and providing with the appropriations for it. 

Whoever was the asshole that created/imagined all the alleged violations of the Constitutional Rights that are in the bill (Special prize to the one about parking tickets) please remember him when this bill fails and six months or a year later or after another mass casualty event, we will get one that will really fuck us up because “we need to do something and Congress did not do shit before.”

In College back in the days of parchment, I was taught the principle of the coffee brands and self space or something like that. Supermarkets have only so much shelf space and if you sold coffee, you wanted to make sure the supermarket only carried your brand. But maybe you hear about a new competitor with a new product, so you bring out something similar to theirs but a  cheaper price and offer it to the supermarket. The supermarket will be delighted to get more profits and places your new product in the shelves thus denying your competition  the possibility of distributing their merchandise.

The Screaming Gun Community has decided to kick the new coffee and leave the space shelves wide open so the Opposition introduces their bills, which may I remind include AWB IV or V, I am not sure which version are we up to now.

Oh well…

PS: After the fuck up that is sure to come. I do not want to hear one single of the same Chest Thumping assholes begging for the NRA to do something. You loudly announced you did not need us and can do a better job, so go do it.

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  1. The aforementioned “a-hole” would be my representative, Congressman Thomas Massie. He has opposed not only Fix NICS, but national reciprocity from the start…all while claiming pro-2A creds. He recently received an award from NAGR, if that tells you anything. On the whole he has been pretty good, but on this issue he has been the primary instigator of the “chest thumping.”


  2. It’s not that I care one way or th’ other about this bill. I just want Reciprocity tacked on. If that doesn’t pass, we tried.

    Having said that, I find it ludicrous that we are dishing out more money as a reward for non-performance. As an ex-AF guy, I would like to see some heads on pikes for the Southerland debacle.


  3. I have no problem with fixing the holes in the NCIS reporting requirements; as long as the No Fly and other such lists that are not transparent and able to be disputed are not incorporated into it. My concern are the Violence Restraining Orders; they invite to much room for abuse; the ex gets pissed at you, an ex from 6 months ago gets their panties in a wad, you get in an argument with your neighbor and the next thing you know the SWAT team is at your door emptying out you safes; all your ammo will gone never to be returned, and maybe in a month or 2 or 3 you MIGHT get your property back with no due process beforehand. And then to have the practitioners of the blackest of black arts, psychiatry, decide whether or not you’re fit; like this has never been used before by a government to control it’s citizens. And then don’t be surprised when the next DSM revision comes out and then lo and behold, just advocating for the 2nd Amendment will be considered a form of psychosis. And then what about the vets? Diagnosed with PTSD and make the prohibited list, only you don’t know it, go into the gun shop and get rejected, instant felon. There are just too many avenues for abuse available without some checks being added.


  4. What ticks me off the most about Fix NICS is that it was a rider to reciprocity. Together Fix NICS and CCW Reciprocity were passed in the House.

    But the parking ticket brigade managed to get the brakes applied but hard in the Senate. If it’d come to a vote it would have squeaked by, but passed, I think.

    Trump was in a mood to sign it then.


  5. NICS Is the Law. As long as it exists, we ALL should want it to work.

    I want National Reciprocity. It is the best way to destroy the anti-gun crowd nation wide. When the citizens stuck behind enemy lines see yokels from Kansas and Georgia are carrying peacefully in the holy cities of NYC and DC, and there is no “Blood in the Streets!” or “Wild West Shootout!” they will say “Why Can’t We?!” Then we will begin restoration of the gun culture nationwide.

    Besides, the sight of the liberal talking heads babbling when the NRA has conventions in NYC and DC, and 100,000 people are carrying will be priceless. It will also be the safest weeks those towns will ever see.


  6. NICS is a red-herring that few really understand. The fundamental question is whether there is a Prohibited-Person law. If there is, there needs to be a database to enforce that law. How could a prosecutor, judge or jury determine that the accused is guilty of felon-in-posession without a database? How could a cop at roadside determine whether the gun-carrier is a felon-in-posession without a database?

    Fix the errors in the database; both the false-positives and false negatives. Enforce felon-in-posession. What’s the alternative? Explaining to the voters how they will love to have felons carrying guns under “Constitutional Carry” with no way to arrest or convict them? You might find the principle of the thing controlling but the voters will prefer gun-control.

    NICS at the gun-shop is a waste of effort; but, it’s better PR than the alternative which would be lots of newspaper reports of convicted felons being traced directly to FFLs where they bought their guns. NICS at the gun shop draws a line between the “lawful commerce in arms” market vs. the “black market”.



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