This one hit close to home

Sometimes I wonder if by usual rolling load out is too much.

  • Police Surplus S&W 6904 and a spare mag in the armrest.
  • Police Surplus Mossberg 500 with buck shot and slugs behind the rear bench seat.
  • Off road equipment including tow straps and tackle for the winch.
  •  Flashlights, multi tool, axe, shovel, small mechanic tool set.
  • First aid gear including a CAT, Israeli bandages, and a Hy-Fin Chest Seal.

It sound’s like a lot but other than the guns, it doesn’t come close to filling up the toolbox in the bed of the truck.  But I still have that niggling sensation that I’m just being paranoid.  I mean it’s Northern Alabama not the Green Zone.  What am I doing.

Then, while trolling the various American news outlets for stuff to write about I come across this headline:

Alabama man pleads guilty to trying to help ISIS

Wait, what?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — An Alabama man pleaded guilty to terrorism charges Thursday, admitting that be bought bomb-making materials and had hoped to conduct attacks at a military installation or police stations.

In federal court in Birmingham, Aziz Sayyed, 23, of Huntsville, entered the plea to charges that he sought to aid a foreign terrorist organization.

Huntsville?  We have an ISIS cell in Huntsville?

How come I haven’t heard shit about this?.

According to the plea agreement, Sayyed told people he wanted to attack police stations or the Redstone Arsenal military installation in Huntsville. 

The fuck!?!  That’s my back yard.  Literally (or close to it), the only thing that separates the development I live in from Redstone is chain link fence and a stand of trees.  They’ve fired off ordinance on the Arsenal that makes my windows shake and my dog hide under the bed.

Sayyed’s bail is set at $250,000 cash only. If he is released from the Madison County Jail, Sayyed will be on house arrest and required to wear an ankle monitor, according to court documents. If Sayyed fails to show up for court, the cash could be forfeited. He is required to pay monthly fees for the GPS monitoring, as well as a $1,700 deposit.

Oh great, the terrorist and wannabe martyr is out on an ankle monitor.

Investigators alleged Sayyed obtained the materials for making a TATP (triacetone triperoxide) bomb. During Tuesday’s hearing, Huntsville police Investigator Brad Snipes testified those items, including acetone, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide and a cooler, were seized from Sayyed’s home at Twickenham Village Apartments.

As a trained chemical engineer, I can tell you TATP is not that hard to make.

At least he doesn’t live that close to me.

Also seized from Sayyed’s apartment were a computer, plywood and numerous throwing knives, a passport, Iranian money and receipts from his purchase of bomb-making materials, the investigator testified. Sayyed purchased the sheet of plywood to practice is knife-handling skills, according to authorities.

Oh, great, brushing up on his Israeli/European Knife Intifada tactics.  Even better.

Sayyed is an American citizen, native of North Carolina. He was living in Huntsville to attend Calhoun Community College.

Do people really go out of state to attend community college, or was that his cover while targeting Redstone.  Having Iranian money for a US native seems to indicate that there was something bigger here.

I’ve changed my mind.  The more armed the better.

Maybe it is time to reevaluate my choice of CCW too.  If I have to worry about dodging an ISIS bomb, car, and knife attack, maybe an M4/M203 combo is what I need.


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  1. When I leave the house I carry tourniquet, chest seal, quick clot, bandage on my body at all times. If I’m pulling security I have two tourniquets. Usually have one gun with two spare mags. So no your not carrying too much. 🙂



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