School Walkouts happening now.

Tens of thousand of kids are coming out of the classes to “protest” against Gun Violence and demanding the ban on “Assault Weapons” and the AR-15.

These are kids that will be tired after a long day in school, doing Social Justice work. So when they get home, they will chill out in front of their X-Boxes and play Rainbow Six: The Mutant Peacock Wars or Call Of Duty 24 and start killing the enemies with AR 15s and other “Assault Weapons.”

And the irony will remain undetected.


3 Replies to “School Walkouts happening now.”

  1. I bet 80% of those kids don’t know or don’t care what they’re walking out for. They just get out of class without getting in trouble.


    1. “You mean I can go home and play video games on a Wednesday if I just say that it’s in support for gun control? Yeah, I’m in for gun control. Anybody want to take me on in Call of Duty?”



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