The culture war against gun rights intensifies

Saint Thomas University is a small, Catholic university in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Anita Britt was the CFO of STU.  She is also a board member of American Outdoor Brands.  Monsignor Franklyn M. Casale decided that in the wake of the Parkland shooting, having someone associated with the gun industry on staff at the university would be bad.  HD presented her with an ultimatum, quit the board of American Outdoor Brands or quit the school.

This is how the Miami Herald headlined that.

She chose the gunmaker over the Catholic university. Good riddance to St. Thomas CFO!

This is after the Miami Herald outed her position with American Outdoor Brands two days ago.

And a day after the same Herald writer, Fabiola Santiago, wrote an OpEd about how awful it is to have a successful business woman as a university CFO.

God forbid she serve on Planned Parenthood board.  But gun maker?  That’s just dandy.

Ms. Britt is an accomplished executive.  She served as CFO of Perry Ellis and several other clothing brands.  Her experience in managing the financials for a consumer products manufacturer is valuable.  But one of the brands that AOB owns is Smith & Wesson, so Ms. Britt must be driven from polite society.

A woman with impeccable credentials sits on the board of a public company that makes a legal product, in a heavily regulated industry, which sells one of their products to a distributor, who sells it to a retailer, who sells it with a background check in accordance with federal law, to a nut job who shouldn’t have been available to buy it in the first place, except for the epic incompetence and dereliction of duty of the FBI, Broward School District, and Broward Sheriff.  And because of that, this woman had to either denounce her job with AOB or leave the college.

The Miami Herald went on a witch hunt after her and treats this like a victory.

This is a culture war against gun rights.

If a private company can demand someone who works for the gun industry resign, how long until they demand gun owners resign?

Own a gun, lose your job.

This is the future they are going for.

If I were in Miami right now, I’d find myself a boyfriend on Tinder.  Fire the fat “gay” jewish guy, I dare you.

11 Replies to “The culture war against gun rights intensifies”

  1. Nevertheless, she made the right decision. It is similar to what one would say to a girlfriend who says “either the guns go or I go”. Get rid of the girl, not because you like guns more than girls, but because you can never trust someone who gives you such an ultimatum.

    1. Paul. the issue is that you have a Social Justice Warrior by the anme of Praveen Kathpal, that does not even go to this school, that started a petition on site that only has 315 signatures. The you have this SJW in the name of Diego Sanchez, a law student at the school hat raised a stink. What kind of lawyer do you think this shit head (and I have no other description for him) is going to be? In the end, she made the right decision since the Monsignor in charge of the school is a spineless idiot. Them and their like are one of the major reasons that I renouncec my catholic faith as they are all hypocrites.

  2. This could also backfire, and lead to a Preference Cascade, like when they tried to prog shame Chic-Fil-A.
    You just need enough people to not knuckle under, which encourages others to stand up as well.

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