Wasted Outrage.

This article hit the Twitter feeds and there was the obvious outrage about the guy.


If anything, the lack of knowledge of No Duty to Protect explains why there is a huge segment of the population that firmly believes police are legally come to their rescue no matter what or face the consequences. We know better and that is why we accepted the responsibility to be our own First responders.

That cops do indeed go towards the sound of gunfire shows that many do have a moral standard and respect the oath they took so I am careful about painting with a 5 feet foot roller all LEOs as cowards because they are not.

Broward Sheriff Office will probably come unscathed from this because of No Duty to Protect.  At most (and doubtful) we will see Sheriff Scott Israel taking retirement (He’s been a cop since 1979 with different agencies), the captain that gave the perimeter order may get demoted for all of six months (being a woman in a deep blue county will give her rank back fast) and nothing to the other deputies who were obeying orders and stayed outside. Yes, the Nuremberg defense in action.

If you are reading about No Duty to Protect for the first time, you should start re-addressing your response to violence the soonest. Basically, do call the cops, but plan what are you gonna do if they do not show up to save your ass.

That SHTF scenario that you said it could never happen? It did and it is known as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

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    1. Can you think of anybody more hated by the media as George Zimmerman? And basically nobody gives a crap about him anymore. He is still living in Florida as far as I know.

      The news cycle eventually abates.

  1. Caroline Glick (columnist for the Jerusalem Times) just wrote an article about Israel and the USA comparing gun laws and school attacks. She mentioned a case in 2008 where a seminary was invaded by a terrorist with a rifle. Two cops set up a perimeter but did not enter. However, a seminary student with a handgun and an off duty soldier with a rifle went in, past the two cops who told them not to, and killed the attacker.
    So even in Israel this sort of thing happens. Not often, but there are a lot of armed people around there even though they have rather unreasonable gun laws. (Glick writes about that too, it’s worth reading: http://carolineglick.com/what-america-can-and-cant-learn-from-israeli-gun-laws/)

    1. Israeli gun laws are one of the reasons I have no interest in living in Israel.

      “You mean that I get to live in a tiny nation, surrounded by over a BILLION people who hate me, with a substantial percentage of them who want to kill me, and a 70 year history of attempted invasions and terrorism against it, but I can’t carry a gun because I’m not a special forces veteran? That’s a big, fat ‘no.'”

  2. I liken the most wasted part of the outrage against Peterson to folks who blame a football kicker for losing a game, simply because he was the last person to have the chance to score. Never mind all of what came before. He is indeed deserving of outrage, but in what proportion to the total?

  3. I heard a presentation by an Illinois State policeman last night who very firmly stated that persons with CCW must be recognized as first responders. He repeated a previous observation “When seconds count, the Police are minutes away.”
    He further observed that it is absurd that big name persons, have armed security, but our future citizens – our children – are compelled to be in Gun Free Zones, AKA Killing Zones.
    As long as the movement to restrict the law abiding citizens from their constitutional right to own and bear arms ANYWHERE, we, as sheep dogs, have a serious challenge looming over us. Someone has to protect the sheep (innocent children of all ages).
    When was the last time anyone between 18 & 20 used a semi automatic AR15 to murder anyone? Why would a law abiding citizen who had legally purchased a magazine holding more than 10 rounds become a felon overnight ?

    Talk to, call, or write your congressman. Ask, tell them that enforcement of existing laws is needed more that creation of new ones which only penalize law abiding citizens.

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