Need a bit of help with a poll.

A new Florida political committee called Ban Assault Weapons Now is attempting to get a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot to end the sale of semi-automatic rifles. The group has asked the state’s Constitution Revision Commission to put a proposed amendment on the November statewide ballot. If that effort fails, the political committee might draft a new proposal for the 2020 ballot.

Poll: Would you support a constitutional amendment to ban the sale of assault rifles?

So far it is looking like this and I would like your help to keep it or improve it.

And thank you very much for your help.

5 Replies to “Need a bit of help with a poll.”

  1. 1. Aren’t Assault Rifles already illegal?
    2. Please don’t label Semi-automatic rifles as Assault Rifles. They are not.

  2. Added my input. Some anti-gunners must also be linking the poll, because it’s slightly more in favor of bans than when you posted it.

    “Slightly” meaning, 3.63% yes (1,223 votes), 96.12% no (32,378 votes), and 0.25% not sure (84 votes).

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