This is a very unusual document.

My dad’s permit to carry from Venezuela. Found it today shredding a bunch of old documents no longer needed.

He had bought a gun years before that and a very connected military friend got him the permit. It was valid for 3 years only and to my knowledge, he never renewed it. The permit was to carry a specific firearm: A Walther PPK in .32 ACP. If you were caught with another gun, you were up for a world of hurt or you should be willing to bribe.

He went on to carry a smaller gun that fit in his shirt pocket and never got caught by a bad cop or somebody who gave a damn. I took over the PPK with his blessings and proceeded to go through the motions as a regular citizen to get my permit. For over three years, I stuck out and it was not till one of my friends got a high-ranking job with the President’s office that I got not a permit but a credential as an Assistant/Auxiliary Inspector for the Ministerio de Relaciones  Interiores, sort of like the internal security & intelligence police. The great thing about that credential was that you were allowed to also carry  long guns and even sub machine guns, but who had the money anyway. So I carried the PPK which did save my ass more than once down there.

I know I have my card somewhere inside a book, but which book? That is way too many to be checking.  If I find it, I will post it.

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