Florida: Bump fire shooting in the coming days.

I want to go to the certain public range where certain Sheriff Office is always harassing shooters and just let one magazine rip off by bump fire. When the SWAT team finally arrives, manages to jump over the 300 deputies hiding behind their cars and asks me to surrender the evil device, this will be my answer.


4 Replies to “Florida: Bump fire shooting in the coming days.”

  1. I get it.
    Why paint a Target on you, your car, your home and anyone you know, love or hangout with?

    I Prefer being a Chameleon or better yet a Ghost.

    But thats just me


  2. Aahhh do it guy. Its only ONE mag. Hell last machine gun shoot I went to I shot 20 mags plus a 60 round drum…let them try to outlaw FINGERS…



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