Antifa vs. Clint Smith

The Haymaker Gym is a gym specializing in “self defense*” for “marginalized people” and associated with Antifa.  Their Twitter feed is pure Antifa gold.

*”Self Defense” meaning beating up people that are engaging in the “violence” of challenging their political beliefs.

I just caught the YouTube video they put out summer of last year.

Watching this, I am reminded of another video about fighting and self defense.

Between Haymaker and Thunder Ranch, I’ll take the Thunder Ranch approach.

I have a bad disc in my lower back an the last thing I want is to get into a street fight and herniate it anymore.

I may not be as worn out our Clint Smith, but I totally get where he is coming from.

I don’t want to get into a fight, especially over politics with a bunch of extremists.

If I get forced into one, I have no problems shooting some non-binary Antifa punk in xer non-gender conforming balls with the first round out of the holster to keep me from having back surgery.


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