11 Replies to “It keeps having that feeling.”

  1. I seem to have missed it too.

    BTW I watched the speech where that picture was taken. Something was up with Miss Gonzalez. She was just plowing through her speech in what sounded like pressured speech, and she was constantly pawing at her face.

    Her talking points were the standard anti-gun lies, but generally she’s a good public speaker, it makes me wonder about her health.

    1. She is not being seen out in the wild as much. I have the strange feeling that she has not taken well the backslash and the sudden drop of interest on them. She was there to pressure the Legislature into doing something.
      Something was done, maybe not what her handlers wanted to achieve, but the box next to WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING was checked and people moved on.

      And Hogg is also disappearing from sight. Between his Goebbels’ looks and whiny complaining about not being accepted in college, people are starting to notice the dribble of Tide in the corner of his mouth.

      1. Gonzalez has recorded a 60 minutes interview, the clips I saw looked pretty embarrassing, it might take them weeks ti scrape the stupid off the footage they have.

        And it’s 60 minutes, so the only people who will be watching are the folks in the nursing home too sick to change the station.

  2. It’s kind of funny. The public usefulness of being a prop for the SJW’s is super super short. The Left uses up and discards their props about as quick as Harvey Weinstein uses aspiring actresses.

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