Just gun magazines?

Kroger is committed to the emptiest of gestures after Parkland.

They will no longer carry magazines that feature assault rifles.

From a business standpoint this sort of laughably makes sense.  It allows them to say they are doing something without doing anything that will upset thier customer base.  I can still conceal carry in Kroger so I’m not gong to boycott them.

Honestly, the first question I had when I saw that was “wait, people still buy print magazines?”

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    1. Actually, they did. FM/Kroger announced last week (?) that Fred Meyer would no longer sell firearms or ammunition.

      No great loss that. Those products were treated like the red-headed step-child by FM for years anyway. Ever since the founder passed and his kids took over.
      This just gave them an excuse to get out from under a non-moving product line, and get some good SJW virtue-signalling in to boot.

      1. Awww…. crap.

        No, they did not have a great selection, but when there was a sale, it was generally pretty good. I saved over $100 on a 1911 once. And, that was verified checking the Sportsman’s Warehouse price on the same model.

        Was waiting on a AR-15 configuration rifle chambered in .22LR. They put the S&W version on sale regularly.

  1. I wonder if they’ll stop carrying movies that have guns, or music that mentions guns, or food that required guns to acquire or secure.

    That “free range” chicken doesn’t guard itself from coyotes…

  2. “Kroger says it will stop selling magazines that feature assault rifles.”

    Odd, I thought that “assault rifles” featured magazines.

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