Elections in less-than-free countries.

I saw this over Universal Spectator:

And it brought back an old joke from Venezuela in the 1950s when it was under the dictatorship of general Perez Jimenez and he had a referendum about continuing to be a “president” and a printer decided to be funny and create some pamphlets which were spread all over. It went something like this:

SI (Queremos que te quedes)
NO (Queremos que te vayas)

YES (we want you so stay)
NO (we don’t want you to leave)

The story tellers of the day do not know if the culprit was ever found, but the secret police went stupid for a while.

4 Replies to “Elections in less-than-free countries.”

      1. Is the negation missing from the NO statement?
        Google translate says,

        YES (We want you to stay)
        NO (We want you to leave)

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