Florida Constitution Revision Commission: Amendment by Commissioners Coxe, Plymale, Joyner, and Kruppenbacher

As usual, the link to the text itself is provided, go and check it. I am offering a summary of the amendment. I will stress that this are not just simple additions to the Florida Statutes but changes to the Florida Constitution that only happen every 20 years. That means if passed, they are set in stone and even the Florida Supreme Court will have to abide by them for the next two decades at least.

Commissioners Coxe, Plymale, Joyner, and Kruppenbacher.


Commissioner Hank Coxe (Bio), Commissioner Sherry Plymale (Bio), Commissioner Arthenia Joyner (Bio) and Commissioner Frank Kruppenbacher (Bio) bring us the following amendment (Text here):

  • Balancing a respect for, and under no circumstances violating, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court, with an equal respect for the lives of all citizens of Florida, it is the policy of the State of Florida that…” (Cute interpretation of Natural rights being somehow against Citizens and need to be controlled by the government and this making them privileges.)
  • Mandatory waiting period of 10 days.
  • Ban of “Assault Weapons” with no grandfathering provision.
  • Ban on Bumpfire devices.
  • Ban on magazines with more than nine (9) rounds.

This is possibly the nastiest of the bunch so far.

There is an obvious game play with all the amendments: “Hey Bubba, I have a bad amendment and a really shitty amendment, you get to pic one, if not, you may lose and get shafted by a tractor implement. Deal?”

Let’s not fall for it. All the commissioners will be pressured by the media and using Sinead Gonzales and Junior Goebbles Hogg as pity battery rams. We don’t have that kind of media access so we are to do a direct approach.

Here is the list of commissioners and how to reach them. use it wisely and often.

Once again, what gets approved with this Florida Constitution Revision Commission will stay for at least 20 years. By then we could be the New Jersey of the South.

Let’s try not to do that.

7 Replies to “Florida Constitution Revision Commission: Amendment by Commissioners Coxe, Plymale, Joyner, and Kruppenbacher”

  1. Even if they get them on the ballot they need 60%. These though don’t concern me as much as the 75yr age limit increase for the Florida Supreme Court. The SC has single handily defeated tons of pro-gun lawsuits.

    1. Do these go through the state referendum process that BLS mentions? Do these proposed amendments get voted on by the whole state or do they just get imposed on us?

  2. “Let’s vote on making a few million Floridians instant felons.”

    That seems something totally constitutional. I have a feeling SCOUTS will have no choice but to get involved in that.

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