Florida Constitution Revision Commission: Commissioner Chris Smith’s Amendment.

As usual, the link to the text itself is provided, go and check it. I am offering a summary of the amendment. I will stress that this are not just simple additions to the Florida Statutes but changes to the Florida Constitution that only happen every 20 years. That means if passed, they are set in stone and even the Florida Supreme Court will have to abide by them for the next two decades at least.

Commissioner Chris Smith

There are two amendments to the Florida Constitution brought forward by Commissioner Roberto Martinez (Bio).

    • Assault Weapons Ban (undefined what constitutes an “Assault Weapon” other than the ability to hold 10 or more rounds in a fixed or removable magazine. (text here)
    • Defining “transfer of an “assault weapon” as “the conveyance of an assault weapon from a person or entity to another person or entity, without any associated conveyance of money or other valuable consideration” (text here)

Notice that the second proposal makes illegal the simple loan or even handing over of one of these Evil Black Rifles as if they were contaminated with some nefarious Liberty Virus that could not be allowed to propagate.

He’s got still two more amendments added, but they are basically repetitions of the above. Still they all are Gun Control and need to be kept away from the Florida Constitution.

2 Replies to “Florida Constitution Revision Commission: Commissioner Chris Smith’s Amendment.”

    1. Assume they do. It long ago stopped being reasonable to assume ignorance; the correct answer is malice.
      The 2nd and 14th Amendments override any FL constitution, of course, at least in the unlikely scenario that the courts are honest.

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