Nosediving into irrelevancy

I think David Hogg overdid himself.  In the beginning he was a “victim” of the Parkland shooting (even through he was in a different building on a different part of campus).  Then he was elevated to be the voice of scared kids, filled with righteous anger,  who didn’t want to get shot while in school.

As he spent more and more time in front of the cameras his radical partisanism  became not just evident but overwhelming.  Now I think he’s on his way into sliding into Clintonian irrelevancy where he still has followers among the radical Left, but moderates are going to find him distasteful.  The more he sticks around the the more of a dead albatross he becomes.

A few days ago, Hogg starred in a political ad for a new hashtag, #WhatIF.  Because that’s what we need, a new hashtag.

Bravo.  Calling Republican politicians “the bitch of the NRA” is so edgy.

I remember another far Left ad where kids cursed for a cause.   Feminists got a bunch of prepubescent little girls in princess costumes to say “fuck” a lot for some reason.  That was as popular as a sloppy, wet fart and, expect for the worst kind of Solanasque feminists, was disliked by women.

This ad will be just as popular among anybody who actually cares about America’s discourse, and isn’t into “win at any cost” politics.

But this isn’t the end.  Hogg and his partisan cohorts did a live Q&A with Twitter, because everybody loves extreme partisanism from a Social Media mega-monopoly.

It devolved into the worst form of social justice.

Hogg went full “soft bigotry of low expectations” and “so well spoken” on black communities while calling America racist in his take on gun violence.

Except that is the pro-gun rights movement that keeps pointing out that gun bans don’t stop killings in black neighborhoods and that other solutions need to be implemented because gun bans don’t work.

He also talks about the lack of “diversity of opinion” and proportional representation in politics.

Mr. “You better agree with me or you have blood on your hands and you hate kids you NRA bitch” wants diversity of opinion?  Bullshit.

Also, when did a highs school student become a “rich white man.”

He sounds more like a liberal arts teaching assistant at a mid-grate California college than a high school kid worried about getting shot while taking a math test. He’s parroting all the same shit that has caused enrollment at liberal arts colleges to decline.

The more down this path he goes, the more moderates will go “yeah, that kid is stupid.”  The more he slides into irrelevancy the more obnoxious he will get.

The best thing for us is for him to keep talking.  Maybe he’ll end up full Hillary and just traveling the world insulting Americans, making everything associated with him look like poison.

9 Replies to “Nosediving into irrelevancy”

  1. What is all this gun protectionism about? It’s NOT a crusade for the 2nd Amendment. It’s NOT about saving democracy in case of a foot soldier invasion. It’s REALLY NOT about protecting kids by arming teachers.

    No. It’s power and money. If Trump or his cronies are successful in spewing enough hate and divisiveness that they can justify martial law or canceling elections, then the NRA will put out what they will call an “Armed Militia” to help enforcement. Which in reality will be a bunch of mobs, with AR 15s, hunting for anyone who isn’t white, Christian or straight. Kill them all and America will be great again. We’ve seen this happen before with autocratic leaders and corrupt law makers. It’s happening all over the world, right now.

    It’s about genocide and an end to democracy folks. NRA LEADERS are thinly disguised white supremacists. That’s why a few dead kids here and there TRULY DON’T MATTER to them. This is just the beginning of bloodshed. Understand the hate they all spew. We need to wake up, before it’s too late. Does anyone REALLY need and AR 15? Really?

    1. Who let this troll in?
      The NRA has a track record of defending the rights of minorities to be armed, when racist politicians attempted to disarm them. There’s a good reason why MLK was a member of the NRA.
      As for martial law or canceling elections, if that were to happen that would be treason, and most gun owners — especially people like the Oathkeepers, or for that matter most who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution — would act on the side of the Constitution to take down the traitors. And that is PRECISELY why the right to keep and bear arms exists. And it is why (as recognized in the Miller decision) that right applies especially to such weapons as the AR-15 (and the M-16) which are particularly well suited to that purpose.
      Some Democrats understand this, after a fashion:

    2. Which in reality will be a bunch of mobs, with AR 15s, hunting for anyone who isn’t white, Christian or straight.

      Which is frigging hilarious you mention it in a gun blog with a Hispanic at the helm and Jewish co-blogger that lives in Alabama.

      Your prejudice is free-flowing like a pretty fountain.

    3. Hahahaha! (wheeze) Hahahahah, Hehehehehe, (slap knee), hahahahaha! Oh, Jeez! Well done, well done, old soul! GREAT parody! Only thing, you missed the extermination camps for da gays, and the cattle cars for da blacks. Other than that, you pretty nearly ticked every box for the SJWs.

    4. You need some new drugs, the stuff you have is polluted. Obama signed an executive order to give himself control of all power and water production in the country. Look it up

  2. Dear kginoregon: “Does anyone REALLY need and AR 15? Really?”

    No, you are correct, I do not “need” an AR-15. Personally, I find that, if illiterate animist terrorists can make an AK-47 go “BANG!”, likely, so can I. That sort of idiot resistant reliability might prove mighty handy, should you and your home boys get (a) sporty, and (b) in my neighborhood.

    I pray that neither happens. I also pray that I do not get ill or injured, and pay my health insurance premiums.

  3. I’m amused at the bigot’s assumption that all gun owners are white supremacists.

    If that were the case, it would seem that I, as a Filipino, who immigrated and naturalized here, would be one. And odd, rather than a loser who was never picked up and gotten the help he needed after being reported and visited so many times being blamed, it’s us gun owners taking the blame.

    I’m pretty willing to bet gang violence in democrat held cities would be our fault too, because guns.

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