Welcome to ‘Bama

Sarah Kendzior is a writer from St. Louis.  She wrote a book titled The View From Flyover Country: Essays by Sarah Kendzior.  You’d think from that title it is an honest explanation to coastal elites while life in Middle America is like.  It’s not.  It a book by a wannabe coastal elite wanting entrance into elite society, criticizing Middle America using every elite talking point.

She took a drive through Alabama for some reason and stopped for gas.  She Tweeted this.

Of course, the elites and progressives in her Twitter feed were in a panic.

I can’t confirm this, but I think that is Chambley’s in Valley, Alabama.  It’s a hunting and outdoor store that also sells gas.  It is along the Alabama/Georgia border right off Interstate 85, outside of Troy.

That also makes sense because I doubt that a wannabe elite would stray to far from the Interstate in Alabama.

As for us who live there, all I can say is “Go ‘Bama.”  Welcome to the land of freedom where a business owner can get an FFL and sell what he wants.

It’s not just the guns that upsets these people but that idea of business freedom.  How dare a man sell guns, gas, and candy!?!

Hell, I’ll tell you right now, when I start my own business I’m getting an FFL.  Why?  Because I want one, can afford to have one, and Alabama will let me.

I’m going to put my 30 round mags next to my 20 oz sodas just to piss Michael Bloomberg off.

My business, my choice.

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    1. Great. Somebody I know here in Alabama suggested it might be Chambley’s. I’ve never been there, since it is pretty far from me. Tucker’s is closer to Huntsville, only 20 miles away. I might have to stop by there.

      Either way, most gas stations are franchises and depending on the franchise clause the owner has control over what he sells in his store. As I understand, gas stations make little off the gas and most of their money off the store stales. The gas may be Conoco’s but the store is his.

  1. Dig this doozie:

    “I would imagine they’re on consignment – inventory underwritten by Russo-NRA $?” (Carol DeVoe @caroldevoe Replying to @CindyEcksol @sarahkendzior)

    What a nutjob.

    1. carol can “imagine” whatever she wants. Similarly, I imagine that she is head injured, and tweeting is part of her cognitive-behavioral therapy. (I apologize for my insult to the head injured. Sorry)

  2. Yup I got off my ass and got an FFL. Why??? Because its America and I CAN! Go for it J. Too funny, i love the south! Workin on movin there in a few years.

  3. I was going to tell that Twitter thread that no one puts a KSG in a rifle sled; It’s just for display. Then I came to my senses.

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