Good, f**k’em, I hope they learned a lesson

Some NASA related news:

The board of trustees for the Citrus College in Glendora, California voted to allow the Rocket Owls to travel to Huntsville to participate in the Student Launch competition.

They originally weren’t allowed to participate because there’s a California law on the books that went into effect last year that bans publicly-funded travel to states deemed to discriminate against gay and transgender people. Alabama is one of the eight states on the list.

What law are they talking about?  Alabama allows church based adoption agencies to not place children with gay couples.  Not “private” but church based.  Being gay is also not the only limiting factor to the adoption restrictions.

Maybe it’s my “leave me the fuck alone” impulse, but I’m not going to get offended is an adoption agency associated with the Baptist Church didn’t want to adopt a child to me because I’m Jewish, and would prefer to adopt children to Baptist families.

I don’t want to force Churches to violate thier religious principles.

California does.  Which is why California is facing a crisis as it shuts down church based foster homes and adoption agencies.  Apparently forcing the Catholic Church out of the foster system over gay adoption has hurt a lot if kids.

So california decided that these backwards states that don’t force Churches to abide by the tenants of Progressivism should not be visited with state funds.   Official travel to Cuba, however, is allowed.

Back to these college kids.  They got caught in the middle of this California state virtue signaling – and perhaps unconstitutional interference in interstate commerce – and had to get special permission to visit Marshall Space Flight Center.

I’m actually a little pissed that they got special permission.   Not that I don’t want them to compete.  I want them to learn a valuable lesson.  The California legislature is the problem.   The state wanting to micromanage the lives of both its residents AND the residents of other states is oppressive.

California has its own adoption problems and is shafting college students out of a NASA competition because Alabama doesn’t want to copy California’s adoption problem.

This would have been a good way to learn the lesson of limited government, I’m just not sure that it will click now that they were exempted from the  consequences of California’s arrogance.

3 Replies to “Good, f**k’em, I hope they learned a lesson”

  1. What they learned is that it requires the approval of the State for them to travel within the US. That should piss them off.

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