Firearms Policy Coaltion officially joins the Gun Control Side.

This was tweeted by FPC earlier today:

Although I have the utmost respect for people’s opinion, I find disturbing that an alleged pro-gun group would engage in political assassination and infighting when we are under serious attack and we need to present a cohesive front.

Apparently and as explained by whomever is running the FPC Twitter feed, they are pissed off that the NRA is unconditionally supporting the Gun Violence Restraining Orders.

I quoted them from the NRA itself and that support has some conditions attached:

But it seems that FPC either refused to read or they really are not enthused with the facts. I asked directly:

When you ignorance on how to play political warfare make you voluntarily side with the enemies sworn to get rid of us, you may have an issue with your moral compass.

Folks, if this is the attitude we are going to have, might as well pack it and really dump our guns in a body of water because we are to be fucked not by Bloomberg or Soros or the Bradys but by our moronic own.


6 Replies to “Firearms Policy Coaltion officially joins the Gun Control Side.”

  1. Never never never quit the fight…never.
    Yea,its disheartening when poeople supposedly on our side act like they aint.
    Fuk em,they dont count. Support the ones that do,ignore the ones who dont
    And(lets all say it together) NEVER quit the fight..never.
    We the People can not let them win. We lose the 2A, whats next? All our rights
    Never quit.

  2. “I have the utmost respect for people’s opinion”

    I hold sacred the right of someone to his or her own opinion. I quite often have zero respect, or outright contempt, for that opinion, but that’s also a right I hold sacred.

    In this case, I respect your point, but also believe the NRA has not been acting in my best interest recently. Not completely opposite, but troublingly off-course on some things. So while I generally am not attacking them, I am seriously considering alternatives for my donation dollars.

    1. It is your right. But I do ask you to READ with care what the NRA says rather than somebody’s interpretation. I have found that many people and some “groups” with a bone to pick (or a pocket to fill) are less that forthright when it comes to an NRA statement. Incidentally those groups have a batting record that stands at zero in accomplishments.

      1. I take your point. I do read what the NRA itself says. And you are certainly correct that many of the organizations that are attacking them have little to show for themselves outside of shrill emails.

        On the other hand, the Second Amendment Foundation has a pretty solid record of engaging, and a good win/loss ratio in court. And if some (more) of these new restrictions are passed I would expect 2AF to be at the forefront of the fight.

        They’re not perfect either … but then who is?

  3. Never heard of the FPC before, but my initial reaction to anything “… Policy Coalition” is the same as “Peoples Republic of …” To me, at least, it smacks of a false flag “Alinskyite” operation. As I have said before, I have some differences with the NRA, but now is NOT the time to engage in fratricide.

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