5 Replies to “And the stupid hits keep comming.”

  1. So they recognize that absolute evil exist but they won’t fight it. If the Hogwarts teachers were not armed the kids would still have died, cowering on thier knees.


  2. Evil came to Stoneman and not a teacher had a wand. Stoneman leaders saw no need to have wands and no need to call evil: evil. The Magic Council and Wizards’ Enforcement chose not to see evil as evil nor did they use their wands to defend the students or teachers when evil came. It was only evil because evil broke his wand and walked away that the students were saved.

    Now they blame the muggles. Now they seek to oppress the muggles. The muggles need to pay for the things the wizards will not do, because evil walked away in the end and saved the students.

    Insanity runs amok.


    1. There’s a weird (to me) strain of (non-)thought on the left that HATES people who take responsibility for themselves. That’s why they invented “victim shaming”, hate preppers, hate the idea of self-defense, and think people who took utterly worthless, even offensive, degrees should earn as much as someone with a degree in high demand.



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